Month: March 2022

The Ending… Coastal Cove

When I first got into this adventure, I gave myself two months to get to a place where I saw some linden coming in and the light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t that far. With the high expense of carrying a full region, I knew that my time was limited. As I began […]

The Zip Line at Coastal Cove!

The Zip Line at Coastal Cove! Coastal Cove had many really high mountains that were connected by four main zip lines. Two of them you could access via long and winding stair cases, one you even had to travel through the cave and emerge on the other end to reach. The first one was the […]

Coastal Cove Beach

Coastal Cove Beach The beach at Coastal Cove was a really nice place to relax, hang out with friends, float in the water, go for a canoe ride and enjoy a BBQ. It also had plenty of cosy lounges to cuddle up next to your lover, and show off your hot beach body. With gorgeous […]

Grotto Under the Caves

Grotto Under the Caves Underneath the caves was an amazing grotto. The entrance was a bit hidden but opened up to a vast waterfall fed grotto illuminated with blue phosphorescence. With plenty of relaxing floaters to hang out on, there was also some seating to share under the waterfall. Beautiful sounds of swirling water blended […]

Caves at Coastal Cove

Caves at Coastal Cove Coastal Cove had a really incredible cave system, I wish I had taken more pictures to share. The entrance to the cave was up a long set of winding stairs. The cave entered into the incredible Petra chamber with waterfalls and water pooling under your feet. Once inside, you had options, […]

Tubing at Coastal Cove

Tubing at Coastal Cove Coastal Cove had a great white water river that had a long tubing ride. It began as you climbed down the stairs in the main landing area to a waiting zone. There you could relax with friends, grab a drink and when the next tube became available it was yours. You […]

Coastal Cove, The Beginning

Coastal Cove, The Beginning I worked on Coastal Cove for two months in 2021. After running out of space with my previous build VISTA, I decided to go for it and buy a whole region. It was a bit of an investment but I decided that I needed to try. I decided to give myself […]

VISTA, The Ending

VISTA, The Ending It was so difficult to make the decision to close down VISTA. When I realized that I just didn’t allow enough rentals to pay the cost I decided that I just couldn’t invest anymore time or energy into it. The whole experience was very cathartic though and helped me during a bit […]

The VISTA Stage

The VISTA Stage Of course I had to incorporate at stage! The idea started with a wedding venue but turned into a music venue. What a view right? A little area off the side of one of the mountains seemed perfect. Filled it with grass, added some night time lights and a nice bohemian inspired […]


VISTA Beach The beach at VISTA was the area I struggled with the most. With all the mesh available on the SL Marketplace, beach components are not very common. Definitely an area that can use some more options. I hope one day a creator will come up with some modular beach components other than the […]