VISTA, The Ending

VISTA, The Ending It was so difficult to make the decision to close down VISTA. When I realized that I just didn’t allow enough rentals to pay the cost I decided that I just couldn’t invest anymore time or energy into it. The whole experience was very cathartic though and helped me during a bit […]

The VISTA Stage

The VISTA Stage Of course I had to incorporate at stage! The idea started with a wedding venue but turned into a music venue. What a view right? A little area off the side of one of the mountains seemed perfect. Filled it with grass, added some night time lights and a nice bohemian inspired […]


VISTA Beach The beach at VISTA was the area I struggled with the most. With all the mesh available on the SL Marketplace, beach components are not very common. Definitely an area that can use some more options. I hope one day a creator will come up with some modular beach components other than the […]

Skybar Lounge & Pool

Skybar Lounge & Pool VISTA had a great area for the residents to hang out and chill, drink wine with friends or just float and relax in the waterfall fed pool. I wanted to create the effect of a pool was being filled with the water from the falls. I am not sure if I […]


Underwater! I LOVE being underwater in Second Life. I have to say, the developers did a wonderful job at creating water in SL. I haven’t been able to find any other 3D worlds with water that even comes close to that in SL. Not only is it fun to swim in SL water, but it […]

Camping at VISTA

Camping at Vista! I fell in love with these gorgeous tents and had to find a way to incorporate them into VISTA. Of course, that also included furnishing the inside and spending way too much money on all of that… typical Second Life scenario! The cabins were also located high up on cliffs with stunning […]

VISTA Cabins

VISTA Cabins I wanted to create rental cabins that were high in the sky with breathtaking views! The idea was to build these massive cliffs that protrude up from the earth that are just big enough for a cabin on the top. Each one is accessible to the renter only of course via transport or […]

VISTA, The Beginning

VISTA, The Beginning Hi my name is JuliettRose, well in Second Life it is! Welcome to my blog. Vista was my first exciting build and I thought I would share some details for those interested! Although I have been in Second Life since 2012, it wasn’t until 2020 that I started to play with the […]