Coastal Cove, The Beginning

Coastal Cove, The Beginning

I worked on Coastal Cove for two months in 2021. After running out of space with my previous build VISTA, I decided to go for it and buy a whole region. It was a bit of an investment but I decided that I needed to try. I decided to give myself two months to create market and rent out my sim. The goal wasn’t to make money but to have it pay for itself.

I will always remember the feeling the first time I walked around the vast area around me with so many endless possibilities. A whole private island, it was amazing!

The first thing I did when designing Coastal Cove was map out my rentals. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake as I did with VISTA and did not have enough rental income to cover my costs. I decided that I needed 12-15 units rented out at 80% vacancy to make it work. That seemed more than possible, especially with more space. I began blocking out the areas to make sure I was able to accommodate what I needed.

The main idea of Coastal Cove was to create stunning rental units with incredible ocean and mountain views on land where the residents could gather, socialize and have fun. The home rentals in Coastal Cover were amazing. They were big and had lots of privacy and space to have fun. Each rental also included an area up above for a skybox which was nice. The land was surrounded by incredibly vast mountains and swimmable beaches with waves and underwater treats available in each rental.

Coastal Cove also had many things to do to have fun with your friends. A cave with lots to explore including the Petra Chamber and exit to a long and fun staircase to the top of the mountain where it was possible to cliff dive into a private grotto or zipline to another part of the land. The cave included two dungeon room rentals, one double room, and one with a waterfall fed natural spring. The cave had a public grotto and a few surprises in the tunnels. Coastal Cove also had a white water river that went to the ocean and had a great tubing ride, and a beautiful beach and little secret private nooks made it fun to explore and enjoy the land.

If you want to learn more about Coastal Cove and see some images, please visit my other blog posts! I love sharing these with the world and plan to try again soon when the time is right for me to design another place.

Below are a few pictures of the ocean side beach rentals.


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