Skybar Lounge & Pool

Skybar Lounge & Pool

VISTA had a great area for the residents to hang out and chill, drink wine with friends or just float and relax in the waterfall fed pool. I wanted to create the effect of a pool was being filled with the water from the falls. I am not sure if I really achieved that affect the way I wanted, however I did learn more tools in the future where I took this idea further.

The pool had glass walls so when swimming underwater you could enjoy the view. The bottom of the pool was stone tiles and the waterfall landed on massive rocks that were easy to walk up to and enjoy. I also added a bar and a large glass and wooden deck to socialize and enjoy the views.

The glass and wood deck was really beautiful, you could see the swirling waters below. Many times when I was building I would leave my avatar on one of the lounges up in the skybar.

Below are some images for you to get an idea of the space. I really enjoyed designing this space and although it wasn’t completely a realistic real possibility build, the fantasy of it was fun to create and enjoy.

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