The Ending… Coastal Cove

When I first got into this adventure, I gave myself two months to get to a place where I saw some linden coming in and the light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t that far. With the high expense of carrying a full region, I knew that my time was limited. As I began to get further in my design than ever before, I ran into some big roadblocks.

The first main roadblock was learning and understanding the rental system. It was very complicated and learning all the intricacies of all the moving parts was more than I thought. Even reading all the information out there, I still rain into issues understanding things that I probably should have already known, but had to figure out. Even just figuring out how to include the security system with the rental, adding a skybox area up above with landmarks to it, and setting up “slaves” with respect to the rental boxes. All that mixed in with the hardest part of all – selling and marketing!

Having the places to rent was just a matter of needing a bit more time but promoting, selling, getting the word out there… well from a SL player who has no contacts… that is a tough one.

I never played SL like most people I guess. I have trouble making new friends in real life, never mind in a virtual world! I guess my fascination and lure into the world is more the joy of creating and building. What putting together those rocks into a mountain felt like and the high I got/get from seeing a vision come to life. Now, I have to let others know about it.

By the time I got my region designed and I learned about the rental system, I had run out of my two months… time was up. The idea of paying for this every month without any money coming in was just not something I could take on at the time. With covid being at the height and work being not so dependable, I just had to make the decision to pull out.

Taking down Coastal Cove was brutal. I actually cried! It was so sad to me. My second attempt to take my ideas into a real world scenario was over. I came to the realization that maybe this just wasn’t in my cards, maybe I just had to focus on other things in my life now. So I took it down and the land slowly turned into what it was at the start – a flat plane of sand.

It took me a while before I realized that this experience wasn’t a failure but another big learning curve that I had to go through. For many months after I wondered if I would have kept it, maybe it would have been self sufficient by now, or even better, maybe my island would be making me money.

Either way, designing Coastal Cove was an incredible experience and journey I will cherish forever. I learned so many new skills and it really took me to the next level of understanding.

It wasn’t until March 2022 that I decided to give it another go. Many things changed in my life, I was living in a new town, new job, and felt very secure and ready to try again! I decided to give it one last go before I gave up on SL forever.

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