I LOVE being underwater in Second Life. I have to say, the developers did a wonderful job at creating water in SL. I haven’t been able to find any other 3D worlds with water that even comes close to that in SL. Not only is it fun to swim in SL water, but it is so fun creating spaces. I knew right away I wanted lots of water in my build, that was something that I incorporated into the design from the beginning. I also wanted to create an entrance to a cave system that you could only access underwater. An obsession that followed me through my second build and most likely my current one also! This was my first experience working with caves and I really developed a great understanding of the tunnels and how to connect them. It was difficult at first because of the cave mesh is only visible from the inside so working with the pieces was a bit more difficult for me, but I got the hang of it after a while and became almost obsessed with creating cave systems.

I added lots of fun and colourful kelp plants to swim through initially that opened up to a large stone arch. When swimming through the arch, there was evidence of something more. A giant statue with fish and effervescence that led to the opening of the cave once you followed it more.

I really wish I had taken some pictures of the cave entrance and inside but that got missed. The cave entrance was underwater but worked its way upwards to an above ground grotto and chamber. A place where you could hang out and have some fun with others if you wanted, or just explore and find your way back to the beach via a hidden from the outside exit door.

I also started exploring moving fish to enjoy your swim with in the shallow waters near the beach. These fish are so awesome but can eat up prims very fast, I had to stop myself from rezzing too many! Also, how can you not add in a shipwreck here and there. My love for designing and incorporating water shows itself in my future build Coastal Cove where I included access to water to every single rental on the island.


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