The beach at VISTA was the area I struggled with the most. With all the mesh available on the SL Marketplace, beach components are not very common. Definitely an area that can use some more options. I hope one day a creator will come up with some modular beach components other than the ones that are there. Creating a nice beach is hard in SL. The terraforming tools help with the slope but are not able to create any texture or area for the waves to land and attaining that rustic ocean side is tricky and quite difficult.

I did love how the beach was inset between two massive cliffs and it had a gradual entry into the water until fully submersed where you were surrounded by fish. The waves had a great sound and I loved the driftwood and rocks that added that oceanside feel.

I probably spent the most time trying to create this space and make it work. On the other side of the beach was the entrance to the lagoon and that was also tough. The texture I had for the sand didn’t work well with my environment settings and was always overexposed. I realized later on how to fix that issue, but it was difficult to figure out at the time and sucked many hours!

Either way, I was able to create a nice space for people to hang out by the water on the sand. It wasn’t ideal for privacy but had potential to get better. I was in the middle of exploring some tall beach and dune grasses when VISTA ended.

Definitely learned a lot in this space and something that I brought into my next build in a much better way.



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