VISTA Cabins

VISTA Cabins

I wanted to create rental cabins that were high in the sky with breathtaking views! The idea was to build these massive cliffs that protrude up from the earth that are just big enough for a cabin on the top. Each one is accessible to the renter only of course via transport or landmark.

At first I thought the access to the cabins via transport or landmark was a great idea but later I decided I much prefer to have my rentals accessible via walking, it just creates a more immersive experience and natural landscape look. 

I also added a cliff diving section to each cabin that plunged the avatar into the swirling grotto below while spinning in different positions. I have to say, cliff diving is one of my favourite things to do in SL, I just love the C-Diver system (available in the SL Marketplace here). It is one of the best in my opinion! So many great options and it always works fast and without any issues. The cabins also had beautiful large decks that looked over the ocean and horizon.

Back in 2020 when I was creating this, only full SIMs could set the EPP (Environmental Enhancement Project) settings. Being a renter, my options were so limited. I found myself extremely frustrated on how to show the beautiful atmosphere and colours I was creating. Unless I provided the EPP file, the user would only see the light as it was set for their avatar

It wasn’t until 2021 that Firestorm announced the EPP settings could be set for the region. It was life changing! I wish I had that option when I was designing VISTA. I don’t know how many hours I spent playing with different coloured skies, water and moods throughout the days. Another one of my favourite things to play with in Second Life. I may do a post about it later to share some tricks and fun things to do with the day/night settings.


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