Camping at VISTA

Camping at Vista!

I fell in love with these gorgeous tents and had to find a way to incorporate them into VISTA. Of course, that also included furnishing the inside and spending way too much money on all of that… typical Second Life scenario!

The cabins were also located high up on cliffs with stunning views. I built large glass decks that protruded from the tent with relaxing chairs and some nice wine to sit and relax. They were a little bit unrealistic, I mean in real life you probably couldn’t build this type of structure – but that didn’t stop me. What is the point of building a fantasy island if you can’t do these kinds of things!

I had a lot of fun decorating the outside of the tents by adding some fun tall grasses and of course an awesome outdoor tub to soak in alone or with somebody special!

Last but not least, I added a public gathering space fire pit next to the beach down by the swirling waters for people to gather and look up at the starts at night. I loved this spot, especially at night with the lights.



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