VISTA, The Beginning

VISTA, The Beginning

Hi my name is JuliettRose, well in Second Life it is! Welcome to my blog. Vista was my first exciting build and I thought I would share some details for those interested! Although I have been in Second Life since 2012, it wasn’t until 2020 that I started to play with the idea of creating a full environment. I have always had such an interest in developing landscape environments for games, almost to the point of going back to school for it in my 30’s, but couldn’t make that work at the time. Realizing that I may have missed my calling in my real life profession, I knew that it is never too late to explore and create in Second Life!

For a while I thought I wanted to create 3D models, but soon discovered that wasn’t for me. Although I was able to grasp the concept of faces, vertices and edges, I just didn’t have the patience to develop the item. I also felt trapped in a world with a black background, similar to my CAD experience. I wanted to create with colour. I wanted to create scenes, in particular outdoor spaces with changing skies, moving tree branches in the wind, and a beautiful space for people to enjoy. The thought of putting pieces together to form a giant mountain or long windy beach just became desires that started to grow inside of me. Watching my ideas slowly come to life became a bit of a drug. 

When Covid first started I found myself in a more lonely world that I was already in before. With more time on my hands and space in my life to think, I decided that dreaming up a fantasy world was a great place to rest my mind. Facebook had taken its final toll and I needed something to occupy my mind that was inspiring and fun.  

After talking to my real life friend, who got me into Second Life at the beginning, I got great advice along with encouragement, and it helped me to decide to go for it. I also got some great ongoing pointers and I owe her so much. I finally made the decision to rent out my fist 1/4 region! I remember the incredible feeling I had when I first arrived to the blank canvas, all the possibilities! It was such a high.

I started to play around with different concepts and ideas. Spent quite a bit of time mastering the terraforming tools and understanding how to build and work with the objects. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with the art of transforming landscapes and creating shapes in land. I started learning so many new skills, especially with connecting modular pieces together, working with rocks, creating privacy borders, playing with water, and understanding the complicated world of renting (which I still struggle with to be honest, anybody out there want to be my landlord?). 

VISTA’s vision and inspiration came from wanting to create beautiful space for people to live and play with a boho relaxed vibe. It would include cliff-top cabins with stunning views, some recreational activities such as zip lining, swimming in the lagoon, cliff diving, a relaxing beach and sky lounge bar with pool high up on the cliffs. It later grew to including elegant camping sites, a bohemian inspired concert area, a few secret yoga spaces to rest, and a vast underwater world that also had a cave system with secret grotto and a private dungeon cave room for people to gather and have some naughty fun.

As VISTA grew and grew, it became very apparent to me that I didn’t have enough space to create what I really wanted. To pay for it, I had to rent out more units than I had designed, something I didn’t really think of when I laid it all out at the beginning. Definitely a learning experience! To keep afloat in Second Life, you have to at least make enough to pay your rent every month. When the reality came to be that I didn’t do my business plan properly, I decided to stop my creation. I also struggled with the 1/4 region. It just wasn’t enough for me to create my vision. I kept running into the border walls! 

After a few weeks of thinking about it, I knew for sure that VISTA wouldn’t work out financially and unfortunately I had to call it quits. Taking it down was hard, but I had a few months of incredible memories learning so much and creating the spaces. Take a look at some future posts to see more images of my creations!

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